Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Fun Without Friends

The weather forecasters have predicted snow for us and as yet it has not happened. Of course I do not want what those folks in the midwest have received, but it has put me in somewhat of a snow mood. So, this afternoon I painted up this hopeful little snowman, he is looking up to see if new friends are going to be dropping by.
The gourd "snowboys" on the header are ones I painted a couple of years ago. They're ready to round up a few snowflakes and make new friends. Let the snow begin.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Spoon Santa

Our last project before the holidays, a cute little Santa painted on a wooden spoon. He could be dressed up with a little greenery, ribbon and/or bells tied to the top of the handle and would be right at home hanging around somewhere in the kitchen. He would also be great for a "kitchen tree" if you have one and if you don't, why not? My friend Vicki does a kitchen tree that is marvelous and is my favorite at her house. This little Santa is a design from the Starlight Series. Our classes will resume on January 4, 2010 and we will start the new year with painting an assortment of fruits.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa With Snowflake

Everyone agreed. This Santa is really cute and fairly easy to paint. Classes were quiet as all were involved in the detail work of this project. We painted him on an 8" x 10" board and he looks even better when placed inside a black picture frame. You could then hang it on the wall or display it on a black easel. The design is by Susan Jane Hall and was in a 2004 issue of Quick & Easy Painting. Next weeks class will be another Christmas theme and then we will take a Holiday break as the Adult Learning Center will be closed until early January.