Monday, June 28, 2010

Clouds in the Landscape

One of the most beautiful things about summer is looking up into the brilliant  blue sky and seeing those magnificent white billowy clouds. They can be difficult to render in a painting but today we had a fun time doing clouds. These were done with watercolors and facial tissues, yes the kind you dab your nose with. After wetting the paper and applying the sky use the crumpled tissue to 'lift' out the paint and viola', clouds. We did several, some vertical and some horizontal designs. These were relatively small in size and worked up quickly. I call them 'twenty minute wonders'.


  1. It was a fun class. I did some more today. Even saw some pink clouds tonight as the sun was going down.

  2. that was too cute, and looks simple enough that i can do it , just got to give this silly knee a little time to heal. barbara