Monday, June 14, 2010

Lady Slipper Wildflower

A member of the orchid family the beautiful Lady Slipper wild flower can be found growing in and near hardwood forests. The common name is moccasin flower and it was used by native americans for medicinal purposes. I thought it amazing that these flowers can live to be twenty years old. This is the fourth selection in our wild flower series by Bev Norman. We will be changing course next week and will have a few weeks of working with watercolor pencils and crayons.


  1. May have to look for another frame after all. It cuts too much off the Lady Slipper. I do like the flower.

  2. At my grandfathers farm in Virginia, the woods floor would be covered with these, but they were pink. I assume in the same genus, different variety.
    They are the most amazing flowers!
    Lovely work!