Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Turk's Cap Lilly

The wild flower series continues with this rendition of  the beautiful Turk's Cap Lilly. The design is by Bev Norman and it is an interesting flower to paint. The name comes from the recurved petals which will curve and touch tip to tip and resembles a hat worn by the turks. It is a stunning plant growing three to six feet in height with flowers 2-2 1/2" across and up to forty blooms per plant. Floating color is essential to painting this project and can be made a little easier by wetting the surface first with water or using a blending gel or adding a little glazing medium to your paint. Learning to float color comes with practice and patience.


  1. These used to grow wild in the ditches of Indiana until the State started cutting and spraying.
    I held a road crew at bay while I was digging some up to bring home......a bunch of men just stopped in their work, watching the crazy woman digging like mad.
    They are the most wonderful of lilies, I think!
    Lovely depiction!


  2. Can't you just see Anne digging up the Turks Cap Lily. It is so beautiful. I worked on mine some more and will include it in a mosaic on Monday. Looking forward to Monday class.

  3. I have seen these lilys growing in ditches in Maine. Beautiful. I dug one up, but it didn't come back in the spring. Ima it's a Wonderful painting.. yvonne

  4. marilyn, i love this lily, it is beautiful, and u know that i love the color, it looks easy, or should i say simple, ( for me that is )