Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trumpet Vine

Well, the challenge has sent me scrambling around for some of my scribbles as I am not doing one sketch a day or even every few days. Don't even know if I can consider myself a sketcher. But, I am feeling some excitement from all this and want to dip into it. I remember the day of doing this Trumpet Vine, I had treated myself to a new box of markers at Walmart and came home and sat right down to play. I do think that many of us involved in this endeavor are untrained but we are possessors of talent and we do like to share and see what the rest are doing. We have painted trumpet vine in class and of course I have posted about this beautiful but invasive weed on the weedy acres home blog.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I do not sketch daily; I have too much to do, so when I do *sketch*, it ends up being a finished piece I am happy with.
    I need to post what I call *sketches* on my blog so others can see how horrible the scrawls are that I work from! ;-D


  2. I loved that class. I am going through some old classes and trying them with different mediums. Been working on the eyes and faces. My daughter told me tonight I need to some more practice. LOL

  3. Ima,

    That is so lovely I should try to get back into painting, I just have so many things to do first.
    Keep up this great work.