Monday, February 7, 2011

Bears Bears Bears

Here is the final for the 'bear family' remember to base coat the flowers for the border in a yellow before applying the red, add a dot of burgundy for the center and a dab of orange for a highlight. Hauser Medium Green is used for the vine.

Work Sheet for lil' bear. You will need a yellow ochre, burnt umber, and white and a 'deer foot' brush.
Remember to use the toe of the brush to pounce on the paint and it is okay to leave some white showing through. Base with the yellow ochre, shade with the burnt umber and highlight with the white. I did not clean the brush while working just wiped the brush when going from the burnt umber to white. You can make the trim on the collar any color you want. I used a soft blue and white. The bears are a design by Pat Wakefield. No way not to fall in love with the lil' bear.


  1. Didn't have time today but will start on it tomorrow. It gets cuter every day.

  2. I just love that last bear, so cute. Infack they are all good. Boy you accomplish so much. I haven't finished anything yet.

    Happy Valintine's Day