Monday, February 28, 2011

Chicks & Cup

These chicks are cute but it was the cup that I enjoyed painting. The shade work is color floated in choppy stokes on a pre-wet surface. This technique was used for all the shading and it helps to give the chicks a more fluffy appearance.


  1. Turned out very nice! Chicks are so darned cute it is hard to compete with the real little squirts! The cups shading and highlights are quiet nice...definitely a *cup* feel!


  2. Love it, so sorry I missed it. I do love the colors on the cup.

  3. Your chicks are adorible. Ima you are so very talented. That painting could adorn any bag
    of chicken feed.
    My poor dog is stagering around like a drunk, took him to the vet and got 185 bucks worth of
    meds and food. He said he thinks it might be the spine or neck or maybe the inter ear.. Asked me if I wanted to send him to a clinic and have some tests run, said it would be several thousand or more. I said,"will they fix the problen?" He said no just find out if he could have an operation. Add a few more $$thousand. He warned it could really run into big time money. With no
    promise he would make it through at his age 15.I took him into the hardware store yesterday after the vet. I wanted to see how he would walk around others. I am thinking about what the hardware store men said. "Put him down." Take him back to the Vet. I can't, he looks at me with those loving blue eyes. Frustrated,exasperated, no sleep. Life is so sad. I see him fall several times a day, I just put him in bed with me and hug him. Sorry I am venting again. Stay warm and Keep up the beautiful art work. yvonne