Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunsets and a Bushel of Tomatoes

Working with sunsets and sunsets over water can sometimes give you happy accidents and other times a bit of work and rework to obtain the final results. Yesterday we did sunsets with watercolor crayons.

This nice piece was done by Carmen.

Debbie's Design

We did tomatoes a week ago in acrylics and in markers.

A nice piece of 'marker' work by Debbie.

Debbie's painted tomatoes.

Carmen's work in progress. Updated version to be shown next week.

Looks like Peggy's pick.

I need some input on this one. 
It is really well done and someone needs to
claim it.

Stella's Prize. Doesn't that sound like a great name for a tomato?


  1. Great work girls. Thanks for showing my tomatoes. Too bad I missed the sunset, of course. See you next time I hope. I like your publishing the work.

  2. Ima the top tomato of Debs has a sunset in it. Great highlights. keep it up. They are all very good.