Monday, May 2, 2011

A Peck a' Peppers and a Bonus

We're finishing out this 'veggie series' design by
Sandra McLean.
Today's crop produced some great work.

Here's to ......

Stella for a USDA Choice

Cheryl for a farmers market pick...

Carmen and that California flavor...

Peggy's festive peppers...

Debbie' peppers

Vickie's pepper patch to be cont'd....

Peggy has been doing an oil painting class and brought 
this really pretty piece in for all to see.

Here's the update on Carmen's tomatoes.
Check out last week's look. This change to 
a black background packs a good punch.

Fabulous Work, everyone!!!


  1. Love them ALL!
    But that black background does make the tomatoes really pop.
    If I just had a garden now to grow all that goodness!


  2. Love all these pieces. Well done to all of you.