Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bed Warmers From Germany

A few days ago I posted photos of an upcoming project 
using metal bed warmers that Vickie gave to the class. 
Here are a few of the finished ones.
Vickie choose a black base and a decorative trim for 
the sides of the warmer.

This beautiful one in blue is by Carmen.

Debbie uses colors that are already in her home decor.

Stellas has added flourishes of color  to the design.

A bedwarmer painted by Vickie in a German folkart
Did you notice that all the caps on the warmers are 


  1. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love them where and how much are they ?
    I'd like to paint one need some info. Love them.. yvonne

  2. Oh Ima I am so glad you posted these. They are beautiful. Be sure to put up what you all did today. I am moving along on my projects. Doing all the finishing up and adding inside head bands and trims.