Thursday, November 17, 2011

Santa on the Skinny

A really tall thank you to Vickie for providing class with pickets from her garden fence. A fun and primitive project that says you can't paint it perfect on truly weathered wood. And no, the Santa to the far right has not just returned from the Bahamas, his photo was taken in a different location. Only one photo is showing the top of the picket and none show the entire picket. They're all going to look great  with some greenery tucked in around them for the holidays. Now,'s time to think about snowmen and snow gals.


  1. Got mine up in my pot full of Poinsettias on the front porch. It was a fun class.

  2. Ima, I love these they are so unique and different. At first glance I thought they were bookmarks but was I wrong. Love them.