Saturday, October 19, 2013

Beauty in the Small

This pillow is a project done by Linda. She started it in a quilting class and I wish I had asked how many different stitches are in it for it has extreme detail for a small  project. 

A closer look lets you see that it is a river town. It is embellished with fabulous stitches, bead work and netting. Linda said it took five months to complete. It is a beauty and shows Linda's creative talent.

Another project of Linda's. A 'witchy wineglass'. Puff paint on the battery operated tea light makes it appear to be bubbling over. We know she had fun crafting this one.


  1. That stitchery is some fine work. like that candle holder too.

  2. Really nice work with the needle, and good eyes also. I love that.she does wonderful work.